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How To Rock Any Event!

Creating the Vibe & Keeping it going!

Creating the vibe!!

Professional DJ's know how important it is to keep the dance floor full and the party rocking! Sometimes the crowd at an event, can be a little tentative to show off their latest dance moves, so it is up to the DJ to get the party started and create the vibe!!

What are some of the best ways to do that?

One way that can be effective is to "become part of the action and get out on the dance floor youself!" Show off your dance moves, get on the microphone and invite dance challengers. Before you know it you will have people coming to the dance floor to challenge you, and then you can keep them there. Usually people are tentative because they don't want to be the first one up or maybe it isn't their favorite song. You can create the party vibe by being the first crazy dancer on the floor.


Sometimes creating the vibe also involves immersing yourself into the action by donning, hats, props or even full costumes to create that fun party atmosphere.

Keeping the dance floor full by reading the crowd!

How do you keep the dance floor full? By reading the crowd and playing the music to keep them dancing all night long. It also helps to incorporate interactive dance games and contests into your DJ repertoire, where the winner or winners of the contests win prizes. However, you have to be aware that there are several age groups at an event and everyone wants to have a good time, so playing music that will appeal to all the age groups is imperative to ensure every guest feels like they had a fun memorable experience. Become familiar with music from every genre and era, not just the current hits!

Gearing your music playlist to crowd demographics is important, music should be age appropriate, but any great DJ should not have their playlist set in stone, and should be able to adapt their playlist to the vibe of the audience, which means being able to read the crowd is a primary skill that DJ's must develop. Above all else, the goal is to "KEEP THE DANCE VIBE GOING."


And that means incorporating interactive games, dance contests, costumes, and prizes so that the event is memorable for everyone. Everyone likes to feel special so by appealing to all of the guests, dancers or not, they will remember the DJ that absolutley rocked the party and produced lasting memories for everyone.

Creating The Atmosphere!!

What does it mean to create the atmosphere?

Lighting sets the tone!

Some might think that this is the same as creating the vibe, but it is very different. While creating the vibe involves the music, creating the atmosphere involves the the lighting that you choose for the event.

Lighting is a huge part of the event and deciding what type of lighting to purhchase for your event takes some planning and forethought. And it starts with the atmosphere you creat with your DJ booth. By using ambient lighting effetively you can build on the color theme of the event. There are many types of lighting that can created the mood and atmosphere that you want, such as lasers, moving head vizi beams, wash effect, strobes, the list is extensive. But having a spectacular light show to go along with audience engagement and a vast music catalog, are essential in order to be a successful professional DJ. Combining dance lighting with ambiant lighting, and music sensor lighting that changes to the beat of the music, is an excellent way to create that amazing atmosphere at any event. Specialty lighting such as rope lighting, laseers and moving head beams also create a sensatoional light show. These are great lights for a DJ to have in their equipment stable so they can kick their light show up a notch. It is important to have a wide range of lighting in your arsenal so that you can ensure that every event is a memorable one.

A DJ starting out with a limited budget, can still create a great light show and atmosphere by giving serious thought about innovative ways to create a spectacular lighting atmosphere. Value is important but so is quality, never sacrifice quality but get the best value for your money. Many great lighting effects can be created by doing good research when purchasing equipment. Keep in mind that the goal is to contribute to the wedding or special event, not to detract from the event by being "over the top" or having too much. Sometimes less is more if you get the right equipment.

Something to Remember: I has been medially proven that lighting, (ambient lighting, etc.) can have a positive or negative effect on a persons mood therefore it can have good and bad effects on an event. Choose your lighting wisely so that you can make it a "night to remember."

Create the Emotion!!

STIR UP THE EMOTION! It has been said that music transcends all boundaries, races and cultures. The common denominator that every country and race has in common is music, and the importacne it plays in their lives. Many times when we hear a song it stirs up emotions in us because it may have been our wedding song, or it was the song the brought us comfort when we lost a loved one. Music appeals to both our positive and negative emotions, it can make people laugh and cry, stir them to action, pump them up, inspire them when they feel down. It is important for a DJ, when choosing music for a wedding for example, takes into consideration the guests emotions too. Perhaps a couple has been married for 50 years and it is their anniversary, and maybe they have been goring through struggles in their lives. Perhaps being at that wedding brings back memories of when they first met, or the birth of their childred. Any great DJ would appeal to the emotion of the guests by being aware of these situations and maybe play their "special song" or recognize them somehow.

Knowing your crowd, knowing your client, and knowing your music will help a DJ to appeal to guest emotions, thus making that event memorable for everyone.

It has been said that MUSIC transcends all boundaries, races, genders, and even divisions. Music brings people together. So it is very important to choose music that will not only keep the dance floor full, but will also provide an emotional experience to your audience. Music appeals to people both positively and negatively. For example it can bring back memories of major life events like marriage, birth of a child, death of a loved one and so on. It is also used in sports and fitness to pump you up. It can inspire a person to fight through personal struggles in their lives.

For a DJ to be effective he must have a great knowledge of all genres and styles of music, so that he can prepare his playlist according to the crowd that will be attending the event. But he must also be very flexible so that he can insert songs into their playlist in order to keep the dance vibe going and fill the floor?

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